Food? or vile glop?

Last week I was having problems with my digestion, so I stopped eating for a few days. The kind folks at Hospice were alarmed, and sent over a sack filled with different kinds of nutritional “…

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Los Alamos scientists shun vaccinations

Scientist know how the game is played nowadays and it’s not pretty.


To the chagrin of New Mexico’s public health authorities, the rate at which parents are seeking exemptions from vaccinations in Los Alamos is three times the state rate. Los Alamos, home to the Los Alamos National Laboratory, is one of only two places in the U.S. that undertakes classified work in nuclear design. That makes Los Alamos one of the most scientifically literate communities in the world and an embarrassment to the state’s public health establishment, which thinks these scientists should know better.

“Many people in Los Alamos don’t just have college degrees – they’re scientists, with lots of degrees. Los Alamos National Laboratory in fact has done some heavy research on infectious disease and development of an HIV vaccine,” reports a bewildered Albuquerque Journal, after interviewing various experts as to why this community in particular is such an outlier. Los Alamos isn’t “one of the state’s known hotbeds for…

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How the Pro-Vaccine Side Lost Me

How the Pro-Vaccine Side Lost Me.

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